Health Canada Cosmetic Regulations

Health Canada has rules and regulations for handmade soaps and body care (cosmetics), However; most people either don't realize there are laws and regulations to follow or just can't be bothered! Don't be fooled, these rules apply to anyone making and selling any type of cosmetic in Canada, including but not limited to; bath salts, soap, lotions, tooth powders, deodorants, etc.

How would you know if someone is compliant?  If they label ingredients in plain English or French, you can be fairly confident that they are NOT following Health Canada's rules and regulations. All soap and cosmetics must list ingredients in INCI terms (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients).

Example: Cocos Nucifera is Coconut oil, or you might see it as Sodium Cocoate. 

Not being compliant could mean they aren't following safety regulations nor using safe usage rates for ingredients in their formulations.This could potentially lead to adverse reactions for you, the end user of their products.

Did you know that Melanie Rose Essentials is Health Canada Compliant. This means that you have the assurance of knowing that every product I make and sell has been made in accordance with Health Canada's guidelines.

How Health Canada protects you:
Mandatory notification: Manufacturers must disclose all cosmetic ingredients to Health Canada through a Cosmetic Notification Form. This lets Health Canada monitor ingredients and keep a record of all cosmetics sold in Canada. This is NOT approval as some crafters would lead you to believe.

Mandatory ingredient labeling: All cosmetics must disclose ingredients on the product label, which let consumers identify and avoid cosmetics with ingredients that are of concern to them.

If you are purchasing handmade soaps and cosmetics from within Canada the easiest way to know if they are Health Canada compliant is by checking the label. Full ingredient list in INCI terms with product name in both English and French is a great start. The full mailing address should also be clearly printed on the label. If you are ever unsure, ask. Those in this profession take their craft seriously and are more than willing to disclose this information to you.

Be informed, be safe.


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